Caviar Gold - Cavi Cone - Ice Wata 1.5g


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“The Cavi Cone is a pre-rolled cone that comes packaged in individual travel and storage tubes. Inside the perfectly-packed cone, you’ll find our signature Caviar Gold (a combination of the perfect bud, hash oil, and kief) as well as even more hash oil – making it *the* strongest pre-roll available. Aroma: Cavi Cones carry a surprisingly strong scent for a pre-roll. The intermingling of various odors is pleasant and enticing – allowing you to pick up on every part of the Caviar Gold within. ”

Ice Wata signature Cavi Cone infused pre roll from Slim 400. OG Kush infused with OG 92% pure distillate & rolled in OG kief.For real OG’s only!

ICE, also known as Indica Crystal Extreme, is an indica-leaning hybrid with a legendary lineage, blending Skunk #1, White Widow, Northern Lights, and Shiva. Originally created by Nirvana Seeds, ICE is known for its overwhelming trichrome production, making this heavily frosted strain the ideal candidate for hash producers.

As its name indicates, this strain often takes on the appearance of an ice sculpture, glistening from the staggering amount of resin that coats a well-balanced ratio of flowers and leaves. Giving off a strong aroma of diesel mixed with sweet and floral undertones, ICE is reported to produce euphoric and uplifting effects despite its indica-dominant lineage.