Dab Daddy - Doser 1g Bubba Kush



Old school kush & hash flavor that balances coffee, chocolate and earthy tones. Couch lock, sedative and fun, enjoy dabbing and infusing on the go without all the mess and hassle. Inhale the Good!

Doser!… Come out to play-ay! Dab Daddy has always wanted to take dabs on the go conveniently without needing all the dab equipment. Welcome to the Doser… easy, sleek, clean, effective and active. You will find the same ultra premium distillate found in Dab Daddy vapor carts with an extra touch of flavor. Simply twist the bottom to your desired dose and push the button to evenly dab, top your bowl, infuse your joint or consume in any number of ways. When all is said and done, all we want to know is how do you DOSE? #dabdaddydoser


North Face – 1 Ounce for only $125