Dab Daddy - Shatter 1g



Dab Daddy’s original concentrate, shatter changed the landscape of the concentrate Industry and paved the way for dabbing and the slew of high THCA/high terpene extracts that have become the preferred choice of dabbers. Cured live resin is preferably used because of its ability to consistently give a high THCA content, abundant amount of terpenes and a finished stable product. Winterized BHO, high in THCA content, is purged in a vacuum oven in a strict regiment that controls temperature and vacuum conditions for 48 hours.

As the oil is purged, it will start to run thin across parchment paper giving it its wide but thin appearance. As the oil sets, the THCA crystals will start to fuse together trapping terpenes in the crystal structure. The ratio of THCA to THC will help determine the stability of the shatter. High THCA with little THC will give a more brittle texture. If THC were to increase in content of the shatter, the consistency would change to pull n’ snap or to a snap. The appearance should look like stained glass, brittle, hard, colors ranging from dark to gold/clear. Terpene profiles should be duplicates of the source material but with concentrated flavors.


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