Dab Daddy - Sugar 1g



Made from live resin biomass, sugar is a true connoisseur’s delight. Live resin biomass is strictly used for the amounts of essential oils found on the cannabis flowers and leaves right after harvest. When cryogenically washed with butane, the amount of essential oils stripped away that would be lost during the drying/curing process is saved and added back into the BHO mass. The BHO first comes out very runny and sappy but smells like extreme terpene. As the material is purged in the vacuum oven, THCA concentration suspended in essential oils will start to solidify forming small THCA crystals inside the mass. As the THCA solidifies, it becomes encumbered by the essential oils that surround it giving the appearance of sugar encased in honey. Colors can range from amber to gold and have an amazing terpene profile that match the specific plant’s strain in its living state. Post processing can take up to a week or more.


North Face – 1 Ounce for only $125