Dab Daddy - Terp Glass 1g



The other half of diamond production, terp sauce captures all the other components that are not THCA crystalline. While not the most potent extract, the fragrance and terpene profiles are some of the most intense, amazing and overwhelming available. Concentrations of terpene can range from 10-40%. Colors can range from amber to gold with a thick, runny like texture and appearance. Live resin is used because of the abundance of essential oils and terpenes found on the living plant prior to harvest. Terp sauce can be found isolated but also with the THCA diamond component included in it. At Dab Daddy, we are currently viewing this as a different means to flavor and mood-set specific products. Stay tuned for the future of exciting Dab Daddy products!


North Face – 1 Ounce for only $125