Saucey - Full Spectrum Cartridge - Vanilla Cone, 1g



With our Vanilla Cone vape cartridges, you’ll have flashbacks of chasing after the ice cream truck as a child! The classic favorite shines through in this strong strain with a soft, creamy vanilla flavor, which has just a hint of earthiness. Its aroma is much the same as its flavor profile with herbal undertones and rich spicy notes. As you breathe in the vape cloud, you’ll reach a bright cerebral high fairly quickly, followed by deeply euphoric happiness. Rhythmic, relaxing waves will soon wash over your body, and while you won’t be fully sedated, you’ll feel quite calm, almost like you’re in a trance or deep meditative state.

When used medicinally, Vanilla Cone offers serious relief from depression, stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue and chronic pain.


North Face – 1 Ounce for only $125