Tical - Crowdwalker 3.6g


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Dominance – Hybrid
Smoking Effects – A heady high while feeling relaxed and sedated
Scents – Spicy herbal smells with diesel undertones
Taste – Peppery, spice-like. Tastes almost like it smells

Crowdwalker is a potent cross between Skywalker x OG Kush strains. The strain produces round, deep olive green buds with wiry pistils and dense white trichomes. It’s an instant heavy high that will leave your body feeling relaxed and happy. Because of the strong physical high that it offers, Crowdwalker is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain. The heady high of it is great for people who suffer from depression, anxiety and extreme stress. This strain is also great for individuals who struggle with a poor appetite.


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